Cloud Data Drone Mapping in CA and NV

Nevada Mining

Baker Hughes contracted our UAV services in NV to suppoort an environmental assessment of their mine site in Central Nevada.  We provided topographic maps and orthmosaic photos for reports on their revegation program.

CA Golf Courses

Working directly with the Lake of the Pines Golf Course, Cloud Data drone mapping in CA created high resolution topographic maps and imaging to support future design projects.

Redwood Reforestation

Big Sur Land Trust recently completed a five year plan for Eucalyptus removal to promote the growth of Redwoods.  Cloud Data UAV mapping in CA provided a base for tracking progress. 

NV Energy Production

Expanding geothermal requires detailed mapping solutions.  Cloud Data UAV's produce high resolution point clouds.

Sacramento Construction

Cloud Data pilots report to construction sites in California's central valley to track progress on construction projects for United Construction and Dermody Propeties.

Lake Tahoe GIS Modeling

Squaw Valley Ski Resort avalanche professionals work with Cloud Data to create 3D models for avalance prediction.